We will make new value and suggestions for all possibilities and problems concerning images and printing.

We founded Fuso Precision Co., Ltd. in Kyoto in 1995.

We started out by specializing in device driver development, created the software that installing the drivers when purchasing printers.

Today, we manufacture printing products.

While it may seem at first glance that our business then and our business now looks changed, the truth is that they're very much alike.
We may have delivered all sorts of different projects to date, but our principles remain the same today as they were when we first began.

‐ Do the Same Thing Repeatedly ‐

We are devoted to color.
Many different devices intervene for human beings to recognize colors expressed by computers, such as cameras, monitors, and printers, to name but a few.

To help these devices present a realistic reality, we continue to analyze and process sensual information that has been digitization.
The retention technology we developed from this in turn helps to make our original products better.

‐ Do a Smart, Professional Job ‐

We make it a point to not base our decisions purely on profit.
It is very important that our decisions be both practical and beneficial to society.

Even if such a decision doesn't create a profit, we believe it still fulfills the true goal we strive for as long as it leads to someone leading a better life.

‐ Do What You Are ‐

Business advances through people coming together.

It's natural to receive inquiries about your products' appeal and your technological prowess, so we also value the desire to work together.

We constantly challenge ourselves in order to provide new products and services without being held back by existing concepts.


Company Name FUSO PRECISION Co.,Ltd.
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Business Software Development
Representative Naoto Takeda, President and Chief Executive Officer